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Bushwhacker Tours is the brain child of Mr. Alieu Bayo, popularly known and called Ali. He has 14 years of tour guiding experience in Gambia and an extensive knowledge which you will enjoy sharing with him.

Ali was born and grew up in the deeper parts of Gambia, close to the famous Georgetown (Janjanbureh in Gambia), so he will love to take you on a 2-days trip deep inside the heart of Gambia.

For Bushwhacker Tours, your stated trips and tours are only propositions to us. You’re welcome to having a discussion with Ali about what you like and we will offer you an unforgettable tour time that will make you to keep longing to be back.

Ali and Bushwhacker Tours have their own car, a Nissan Patrol with the capacity to carry 7 persons, and you can always call Bushwhacker Tours for questions, a trip or maybe just a tour downtown for local shopping.

You are assured of our services for as long as you want it while visiting The Gambia. Whether we are busy or not, satisfying you will be made a priority.

Tumani Tenda – Experience a Gambian Village
This excursion gives you an opportunity to get to know a Gambian village and their traditional way of living. Enjoy the culture, nature and take part in their daily activities

Tumani Tenda is a Jolla Village with approximately 300 inhabitants living in seven extended families. The name is from a peanut picker, called Tumani, who lived in the area; Tenda means riverbank. Tumani Tenda is described as a religious community embracing certain values, notably a sustainable attitude to the natural environment, a socially responsible style of living, respect for the elderly, independence, self-sustainability and a sense of community. The Jollas have over the centuries developed particular family structures and social community traditions in Senegal and The Gambia.

You will visit the camp which is beautifully located along the riverbank. Take part in activities and explore a true community based camp in The Gambia. You will learn more about the culture and history of the Jolla take part in forestry conservation and try one or two activated at your own choice.
08:30 Pick up at your hotel
09:30 Arrive Tumani Tenda
The activities will start with briefing at the camp by the camp Manager before proceeding with the village tour in which you will amongst other things learn about the Jolla culture and their way of life.
11:00 “Village Tour” to the nearby village. You will visit the village community development projects and see how tourism is benefiting the village. This includes the schools, the poultry and the women vegetable garden.
12:30 Tumani Tenda support forestry preservation and you are encouraged to “Plant a Tree” when doing the forest walk to contribute towards preserving the forest in The Gambia.
13:00 Lunch is served at Tumani Tenda Camp (delicious Gambian dishes prepared by local women)
14:00 Try out one or two of our activities; Farming Tour, Horticultural Garden Tour, Canoe Trip, Cow Cart Safari, Community Forest Tour, Oyster Collection, Fishing Session, Birdwathing and Wildlife Trip, Batik, Salt or Soap Making Workshop or Visit to the Beekeepers.
15:30 End of experience and return to your hotel.

A Day in Tumani Tenda: This experience gives you the opportunity to spend the day with the villagers and join them in their daily activities such as fetching water from the river cooking , eating, working in the vegetable garden etc…. This is a full day activity that should be booked separately.


Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project - River Gambia National Park

3 hours drive from Barra.
Recommended stay 2 to 3 nights

No where like it in the Gambia, Baboon Islands offers the exceptional experience of viewing the last of Gambia’s wildlife and lush gallery forests, while staying and dining in comfort. The camp is the gateway to the River Gambia National Park and located on the river. Your expeditions will be by boat, smoothly exploring hidden channels where you may have an up-close but safe view of chimpanzees, baboons, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, manatees, over 240 species of birds, among dozens of other animals. For those willing to sweat a little, long and short trail hikes bring travelers through forest and savanna and along cliffs to breathtaking vistas. The seclusion and beauty of the area is easily enjoyed paired with the incredible service of the staff and outstanding meals made of fresh, local ingredients. Accommodations consist of a quaint guest house situated on the river that can sleep up to 3 people. Meals are served in the Water House which extends out into the river from the jungle. An exceptional place to sip coffee at day break or recount the days adventures over beers and the finest meal you will find upcountry.

Stay includes, pick up/drop off at Kuntaur, full board, and 2-3 safari trips a day

Sunrise breakfast at the cliffs of Sama Boi Konko
Boat safari for chimp, hippo, and croc viewing
Hiking to Sama Boi Konko
Village visit to the Environmental Education Center and Tankarla Farm
Discussion session with Chimp Handlers and Environmental Education Officers
Boat safari into the Raphia palm canopied Sutubolong
Sunset drinks at Chassing cliff platform
Late night bush baby safari

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This is a 2-days trip that offers you an adventure into the inner parts of the country. It includes a visit to the famous and mysterious stone circles of The Gambia, the chimpanzee rehabilitation center and a boat trip on the Gambian River.
This trip includes an overnight stay at Janjanbureh Island. read more

  Fathala Safari Park

Ferry from Banjul to Barra,after passport check at the boarder will go on a horse cart which is one of the common means of local transport in Senegal which you will definitely have good fun to have a ride on one.This will take you around some of the little villages around the boarder to see local life in Senegal and drive back to the hotel.
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  Two day tour to South Senegal

A drive to the boarder to get your passport stamps,a lovely experience of the Jola culture which is the major ethnic group in this part of Senegal.

With a stop at the biggest fishing village of south Senegal to look at activities of local fisher men and also a boat ride on Casamance river to see a little pelican island.Lunch at one of fabulous restaurants of Kafountine.
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