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Bushwhacker Tours
Senegal, Kololi, P.O.Box 1324 Banjul, The Gambia
Tel:+220-9912891 / +220-7062502
Email: info@bushwhackertours.com

This is a half day trip. We visit The Arch 22 where you have a beautiful view of the whole of Banjul and the Albert Market is a must when you are there. When the shopping is completed we take a stroll down to the harbour where there is real African action all the time.
Before going home we drive around in the city. You don´t want no more walking by now…
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This is a 2-days trip that offers you an adventure into the inner parts of the country. It includes a visit to the famous and mysterious stone circles of The Gambia, the chimpanzee rehabilitation center and a boat trip on the Gambian River.
This trip includes an overnight stay at Janjanbureh Island. read more

  Fathala Safari Park

Ferry from Banjul to Barra,after passport check at the boarder will go on a horse cart which is one of the common means of local transport in Senegal which you will definitely have good fun to have a ride on one.This will take you around some of the little villages around the boarder to see local life in Senegal and drive back to the hotel.
  Two day tour to South Senegal

A drive to the boarder to get your passport stamps,a lovely experience of the Jola culture which is the major ethnic group in this part of Senegal.

With a stop at the biggest fishing village of south Senegal to look at activities of local fisher men and also a boat ride on Casamance river to see a little pelican island.Lunch at one of fabulous restaurants of Kafountine.
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