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South Gambia by 4x4
Pickup from your hotel at approximately 9:00am and drive to the kachically Crocodile pool in Bakau, to enjoy an encounter with very friendly crocs as well as the cultural museum within the complex.
We will then proceed to Serekunda which is the biggest city in the Gambia to go around the market.This market worth visiting to see a typical African market setup and the hussle and bussle of the city.
From serekunda there will be a brief stop at a local school to have a glimpse of our school setup in Tha gambia and also to be entertained by students with their wonderful school songs. We will then make our way to the Sanyang paradise beach on the off road tracks for the opportunity to see and interact with locals in the villages.
Lunch will be served at the paradise beach after which we will proceed to our last port of call, Tanji. This is biggest fishing village in The Gambia were you will find fisher men at work. The scenery will leave unforgettable memories of the gambia. From here we will make it to the hotels for drop off.

River Fishing
This is a one day fishing cruise on the oyster banks of the Gambia River which we call a combination of a very Lazy day and fishing. Ladyfish, Butterfish and Angelfish is the most common ones, but if you’re lucky you’ll even get a hungry crab on the hook.
All food and drinks will be served on board.

Roots trip
We start early for a drive to Banjul. There we take the ferry to Barra and drive by land on non-existing roads, with lovely experience of local life, to the villages of Juffureh and Albreda. On arrival at these two villages you will trace the history of slavery and of course the most famous slave in Alex Hailey’s book “Roots”. We even take a boat trip to S: t James Island where the slaves were held in captivity before deportation.
One day trip, and don´t forget to order fish grilled in foil at the restaurant in Albreda.
It’s a memorable meal !

One day adventure to the north gives you the opportunity to visit our neighbours. The main objective though is to see the rarest species of animals, like rhino, giraffe, buffalos and different antelopes, which are distinct to The Gambia.
We start in the morning, take the ferry from Banjul to Barra and return the same way.

This takes you about 45 minutes drive to the boarder village of kartong to see so many species of Gambia reptiles on a farm manage by a french man.you will be given a guided tour around the park and you will get to learn a lot about Gambian reptile especially snakes.from the farm is little drive to the village of Kartong to see the oyster collectors to the little river that boarders the Gambia and south Senegal.

Makasutu cultural forest
One of the remains of Gambian nature,were you will enjoy watching big families of western baboons in there hundreds.A nature walk to have a bit of an encounter with a Gambian fortune teller and enjoy local traditional entertainment with an African buffet.
Full or half day trip.

Tendaba tour
Gives you an insight experience of the Gambia along the south bank going past numerous villages,seeing the life of local people with a night stop at one of the best up country camps call Tendaba camp.you can also enjoy an evening cruise on the Gambia river to see birds and other nature found around that part of the river Gambia.

Is a visit to the home village of the Gambian president Kanilai for an adventure in to the culture and the nature of a game park,to see wild crocodiles Zebra and off lunch at fabulous sindola camp.


This is a half day trip. We visit The Arch 22 where you have a beautiful view of the whole of Banjul and the Albert Market is a must when you are there. When the shopping is completed we take a stroll down to the harbour where there is real African action all the time.
Before going home we drive around in the city. You don´t want no more walking by now…
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This is a 2-days trip that offers you an adventure into the inner parts of the country. It includes a visit to the famous and mysterious stone circles of The Gambia, the chimpanzee rehabilitation center and a boat trip on the Gambian River.
This trip includes an overnight stay at Janjanbureh Island. read more

  Fathala Safari Park

Ferry from Banjul to Barra,after passport check at the boarder will go on a horse cart which is one of the common means of local transport in Senegal which you will definitely have good fun to have a ride on one.This will take you around some of the little villages around the boarder to see local life in Senegal and drive back to the hotel.
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  Two day tour to South Senegal

A drive to the boarder to get your passport stamps,a lovely experience of the Jola culture which is the major ethnic group in this part of Senegal.

With a stop at the biggest fishing village of south Senegal to look at activities of local fisher men and also a boat ride on Casamance river to see a little pelican island.Lunch at one of fabulous restaurants of Kafountine.


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